Welcome to Advice Law Firm
Advice Law Firm was established in spring 2010. We are six attorneys who have joined forces to create a firm where quality is key but where we equally value exercising such quality in an unpretentious setting.

We all come from some of Denmark’s most reputable law firms, and we enjoy the advantage of drawing from the experience we gained there and to be able to apply our knowledge in a new set-up.

We are six different individuals specialised in various legal fields. Together, our competences cover numerous branches.

If a case falls outside our joint expertise, we respectfully decline. It is our philosophy not to counsel on legal matters we do not master. However, should we – on a rare occasion – decline, we will of course refer the client to another, qualified attorney from our vast network.

As an internationally oriented office, we counsel Danish and foreign clients alike, just as we – through our many international relations – are the preferred partner of a number of law firms abroad.

We provide competent and business-oriented legal counselling in the following fields:
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Henrik Asboe Lars Hilliger
Attorney-at-law/partner Attorney-at-law/partner
Phone: +45 51 99 10 90 Phone: +45 26 25 56 04
ha@advicelaw.dk lh@advicelaw.dk